Jan-6-20240348 Island of Blood
Jan-13-20240349 Splitz
Jan-20-20240350 The Aftermath
Jan-27-20240351 Zoot Suit
Jan-31-2024P048 The Arena (1974)Patreon Exclusive
Feb-3-20240352 Jaws of Satan
Feb-10-20240353 Madman
Feb-17-20240354 A Stranger is Watching
Feb-24-20240355 Vice Squad
Feb-29-2024P049 Blazing Saddles (1974)Patreon Exclusive
Mar-2-20240356 The Seduction
Mar-9-20240357 Venom
Mar-16-20240358 Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker
Mar-23-20240359 Butterfly
Mar-30-20240360 Night Crossing
Mar-31-2024P050 The Sugarland Express (1974)Patreon Exclusive
Apr-6-20240361 Personal Best
Apr-13-20240362 Das Boot
Apr-20-20240363 One From the Heart
Apr-27-20240364 The Amateur
Apr-30-2024P051 The Conversation (1974)Patreon Exclusive
May-4-20240365 The Beast Within
May-11-20240366 The Border
May-18-20240367 Cannery Row
May-25-20240368 Love & Money
May-31-2024P052 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)Patreon Exclusive
Jun-1-20240369 McVicar
Jun-8-20240370 Quest for Fire
Jun-15-20240371 Barbarosa
Jun-22-20240372 Death Wish 2
Jun-29-20240373 Over the Edge
Jul-6-20240374 Shoot the Moon
Jul-13-20240375 Swamp Thing
Jul-20-20240376 Evil Speak
Jul-27-20240377 Green Ice
Aug-3-20240378 10 Violent Women
Aug-10-20240379 The Comeback Trail
Aug-17-20240380 Final Assignment
Aug-24-20240381 Evil Under the Sun
Aug-31-20240382 I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can
Sep-7-20240383 Last Shark aka Great WHite
Sep-14-20240384 Making Love
Sep-21-20240385 Missing
Sep-28-20240386 Parasite
Oct-5-20240387 Deathtrap
Oct-12-20240388 Porky’s
Oct-19-20240389 Victor/Victoria
Oct-26-20240390 Mephisto
Nov-2-20240391 I Ought to Be In Pictures
Nov-9-20240392 Battletruck
Nov-16-20240393 Death Watch
Nov-23-20240394 Out of the Blue
Nov-30-20240395 Soggy Bottom, U.S.A.
Dec-7-20240396 A Little Sex
Dec-14-20240397 Basket Case
Dec-21-20240398 Cat People
Dec-28-20240399 The Dorm That Dripped Blood