Jan-10000.1 Island Claws (1980)Patreon Exclusive
0000.2 The Return (1980)Patreon Exclusive
Jan-60169 Home Sweet Home
Jan-90170 Scream
Jan-120000.3 Klondike Fever (1980)Patreon Exclusive
Jan-130171 Underground Aces
Jan-15P013 Zaat (1971)Patreon Exclusive
Jan-160172 Windwalker
Jan-200173 Scanners
Jan-230174 Fear No Evil
Jan-250002.1 Guyana: Cult of the Damned (1980)Patreon Exclusive
Jan-270175 Blood Beach
Jan-300176 Earthbound
Feb-30177 The Incredible Shrinking Woman
Feb-60178 Caboblanco
Feb-100179 Fort Apache, The Bronx
Feb-130180 My Bloody Valentine
Feb-170181 Sphinx
Feb-171980 Re-Oscar Nomination Special
Feb-19P014 Cold Turkey (1971)Patreon Exclusive
Feb-200182 American Pop
Feb-240183 Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen
Feb-270184 The Dogs of War
Mar-10018.1 The American Success Company (1980)Patreon Exclusive
Mar-30185 Eyewitness
Mar-60186 Harry’s War
Mar-70018.2 The Black Marble (1980)Patreon Exclusive
Mar-100187 Pinball Summer
Mar-130188 Ruckus
Mar-13P015 Vanishing Point (1971)Patreon Exclusive
Mar-170189 Scared to Death
Mar-200190 All Night Long
Mar-240191 The Devil and Max Devlin
Mar-270192 Maniac
Mar-310193 On the Right Track
Mar-31The 1980 ReOscars
Apr-10034.1 Getting Wasted (1980)Patreon Exclusive
0034.2 Leo and Loree (1980)Patreon Exclusive
Apr-30194 Permanent Vacation
Apr-70195 Back Roads
Apr-100196 The Funhouse
Apr-140197 Modern Romance
Apr-170198 Amy
Apr-210199 Cutter’s Way
Apr-240200 Omen III: The Final Conflict
Apr-280201 Eyes of a Stranger
Apr-28P016 The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant (1971)Patreon Exclusive
May-10202 Thief
May-40039.1 On The Nickel (1980)Patreon Exclusive
May-50203 Hard Country
May-80204 Atlantic City
May-90039.2 Beyond Evil (1980)Patreon Exclusive
May-120205 Hardly Working
May-150206 Excalibur
May-190207 Going Ape!
May-220208 The Howling
May-26P017 Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)Patreon Exclusive
May-260209 Knightriders
May-290051.1 Cloud Dancer (1980)Patreon Exclusive
0210 Nighthawks
Jun-10053.1 Demented (1980)Patreon Exclusive
Jun-20211 Caveman
Jun-50212 Improper Channels
Jun-90213 Lion of the Desert
Jun-120214 Cattle Annie and Little Britches
Jun-160215 The Hand
Jun-190216 Ms .45
Jun-230217 Bloody Birthday
Jun-260072.1 Day of ResurrectionPatreon Exclusive
0218 Friday the 13th Part 2
Jun-300219 Firecracker
Jun-30P018 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)Patreon Exclusive
Jul-2P019 Shaft (1971)Patreon Exclusive
Jul-30220 Graduation Day
Jul-70221 High Risk
Jul-100222 Just A Gigolo
Jul-110078.1 Monstroid (1980)Patreon Exclusive
Jul-140223 King of the Mountain
Jul-170224 The Nesting
Jul-210225 Image of the Beast
Jul-240226 The Burning
Jul-280227 Kill and Kill Again
Jul-310228 Second-Hand Hearts
Aug-1P020 The Omega Man (1971)Patreon Exclusive
Aug-70229 The Fan
Aug-140230 Happy Birthday to Me
Aug-210231 The Postman Always Rings Twice
Aug-280232 Death Hunt
Sep-10103.1 Breaking Glass (1980)Patreon Exclusive
0103.2 Hoodlums (1980)Patreon Exclusive
Sep-40233 Bustin’ Loose
Sep-110234 The Four Seasons
Sep-12106.1 HealtH (1980)Patreon Exclusive
Sep-180235 The Legend of the Lone Ranger
Sep-20P021 Dracula vs Frankenstein (1971)Patreon Exclusive
Sep-250236 Outland
0237 Savage Harvest
0238 The Monster Club
0239 Polyester
0240 Demonoid: Messenger of Death
0241 Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams
0242 Final Exam
0243 The Sea Wolves
0244 Tuck Everlasting
0245 Private Lessons
Oct-1117.1 Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype (1980)Patreon Exclusive
0246 Clash of the Titans
0247 History of the World, Part I
0248 Raiders of the Lost Ark
0249 The Bushido Blade
0250 The Cannonball Run
0251 Superman II
0252 Dragonslayer
0253 For Your Eyes Only
0254 The Great Muppet Caper
Nov-10140.1 The Day Time Ended (1980)Patreon Exclusive
0255 Stripes
0256 S.O.B.
0257 Escape from New York
0258 The Fox and Hound
0259 Arthur
0260 Endless Love
0261 Force: Five
0262 Zorro, The Gay Blade
0263 Blow Out
0264 Comin’ At Ya!
0265 Eye of the Needle
0266 Gas
0267 Tarzan, The Ape Man
0268 Wolfen
0269 Under the Rainbow
0270 Victory
0271 Winter of Our Dreams
Jan-10272 Condorman
Jan-50273 Heavy Metal
Jan-80274 Student Bodies
Jan-120275 Deadly Blessing
Jan-150276 An Eye for an Eye
Jan-190277 Nobodies Perfekt
Jan-220278 An American Werewolf in London
Jan-260279 First Monday in October
Jan-290280 Honky Tonk Freeway
Feb-20281 Prince of the City
Feb-50282 Body Heat
Feb-90283 Chu Chu and the Philly Flash
Feb-120284 Gallipoli
Feb-160285 Hell Night
Feb-190286 The Unseen
Feb-230287 Night School
Feb-260288 Tim
Mar-20289 Continental Divide
Mar-50290 The French Lieutenent’s Woman
Mar-90291 Raggedy Man
Mar-120292 Superfuzz
Mar-160293 The Boogens
Mar-190294 Carbon Copy
Mar-230295 Mommie Dearest
Mar-260296 Only When I Laugh
Mar-300297 So Fine
Apr-20298 Southern Comfort
Apr-60299 True Confessions
Apr-90300 Chariots of Fire
Apr-130301 Galaxy of Terror
Apr-160302 Smokey Bites the Dust
Apr-200303 Enter the Ninja
Apr-230304 Paternity
Apr-270305 Dead & Buried
Apr-300306 Full Moon High
May-40307 The Prowler
May-70308 Rich and Famous
May-110309 Tattoo
May-140310 Ticket to Heaven
May-180311 Watcher in the Woods
May-210312 My Dinner with Andre
May-250313 All The Marbles
May-280314 Strange Behavior
Jun-10315 Nightmare
Jun-40316 The Pit
Jun-80317 Silence of the North
Jun-110318 Halloween II
Jun-150319 Looker
Jun-180320 Roar
Jun-220321 Saturday the 14th
Jun-250322 Shock Treatment
Jun-290323 Circle of Two
Jul-20324 Fantasies
Jul-60325 Time Bandits
Jul-90326 The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper
Jul-130327 Roadgames
Jul-160328 Don’t Go In The Woods
Jul-200329 The Looney (x3) Bugs Bunny Movie
Jul-230330 They All Laughed
Jul-270331 Just Before Dawn
Jul-300332 Whose Life Is It Anyway?
Aug-30333 On Golden Pond
Aug-60334 Buddy Buddy
Aug-100335 Dawn of the Mummy
Aug-130336 Four Friends
Aug-170337 Pennies from Heaven
Aug-200338 Rollover
Aug-240339 Absence of Malice
Aug-270340 Ghost Story
Aug-310341 Heartbeeps
Sep-30342 Neighbors
Sep-70343 Sharky’s Machine
Sep-100344 Modern Problems
Sep-140345 Ragtime
Sep-170346 Reds
Sep-210347 Taps
Sep-241981 – Year-End Wrap-Up